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Sunshine Kamadi

Sunshine Kamadi, our Founder

Sunshine Kamadi came back to Houston, Texas in 2002 after a powerful experience with the Ecstatic Dance of Austin Body Choir. She was inspired to replicate this type of dance community in her home town of Houston. Her initial dance event in November 2003 had more than sixty attendees, and the event changed not only the nightlife scene in Houston, but also the dance clubs NYC. She has continued to refine and expand her dance offerings during the past decade, and new events include exciting formats that explore variations of conscious dance movements and supportive community experiences.

Dancing Crane in Still Water

Kamadi states that her intention is to expand unity and develop community. She does this by providing platforms for connection, oneness, and expansion through dance, art, movement, and music.

Sunshine Kamadi graduated from Texas Christian University, and she has been interested in expressive healing, creativity, and spirituality throughout her life. She has been involved with dance as a performer and facilitator for more than 25 years, and ancient modes of free movement highlight her dynamic art expression. Kamadi is a springboard for community connection and self-discovery.

Kamadi has been developing, facilitating, and hosting enlightened Ecstatic Dance experiences for Houston communities:¬† DanceEvolution as a weekly community event, 2003 to 2014, Conscious RAVE 2012, Barefoot Ballroom, Training for Ecstatic Dance Facilitators, DEFT, 2009 to 2014, the Annual Global Dance for Peace by EarthDance Houston, 2005 to 2013, Give Peace a Dance, Journey DanceHouston, New Year’s Day Wishing Well and Burning Bowl Ceremonies, 2007 to 2014, The Nine Energetic Functions, The Principals of Ecstatic Practice, What the Bleep is Ecstatic Dance, DancePortation, BlackLights and BodyPaint for public and private groups, Sacred Sound Sacred Body, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Texas Yoga conference, Crazywood Dance Spa, Unity Church, and The Oneness Community. She produced the KPFT radio show Ecstatic Dance for Peace from 2005 to 2007 and was selected by Fox news to be a featured dance artist. Her impressive resume also includes her work as a co-developer of sacred dance at the Center For Spiritual Living, the Creative Life Center, the Mary Magdalene Community at Rothko Chapel, and Unitarian NW.

PBS aired the film House of Dreams 2007, and this Platinum Award winner featured DanceEvolution. A performance was part of Discover Dance 2014 at Discovery Green, and DanceEvolution will be featured in Dance the Dream Houston Discovery Green MLK 50 celebration. The company will have a facilitating role at the Archaic Revival Transformational Festival and featured in the Travel Channel series Soul Search. Current adventures for Kamadi include the development of a Worldwide Ecstatic Evolution global dance community, and DanceEvolution enthusiasts should stay tuned for even more!

Kamadi keeps moving forward in her current endeavor as a student of the Four Dragons Institute. Her studies have taken her to the Conscious Lounge led by Bob Stevens, Heart Songs, Meditation, Yoga, and Kirtan. Her prior studies include:¬† Toni Bergin’s 2010 JourneyDance, the Vin Marti 2006 Movement Leadership Training and Soul Motion event, Dance Meditation by Dunya from 2003 to 2006, the Oskar Madera Body Choir and Liquid Sol Ecstatic Dance Facilitation from 2004 to 2009, NIA White Belt in 2005, EFT Teacher Trainings from 2007 to 2013, and Goddess Awakening by Sonya Sophia from 2005 to 2007. She participated in Rainbow Gatherings from 2005 to 2012, the 2004 Sweat Your Prayers and Five Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth, and continues to share her expertise in the global community expansion of ecstatic dance evolution through natural human movement.

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Discover The Nightlife In Houston

Dance Houston

Inspired Dance in Houston

Queens night clubs and clubs in Manhattan may never be the same thanks to Ecstatic Dance in Houston. Ecstatic Dance is associated with globally emerging communities that promote sacred, conscious, unrestricted, and transformational dance events. These events promote authenticity, freedom, inspiration, vitality, and high levels of joy. We provide specialty and ongoing events including barefoot ballroom dance, community class instruction, Dance Evolution, and the exciting Earth Dance Houston. Every event is created to reflect an environment that is sacred and welcoming to all ages and dance experience levels. All events are free of drugs and alcohol, extraneous chatter, criticism, and shoes!

Trademark Dance Evolution

Sydney Samadhi Strahan is the mastermind behind the transformational dance practice known as Dance Evolution. Dance and nightlife enthusiasts in Houston have seen this dance evolve since 2003, and Dance Evolution has provided a reliable environment for dancers to express themselves with creative movements that uplift the body, mind, and spirit. Dance Evolution has become synonymous with openness and creativity. The magic that underscores Dance Evolution involves the unique combination of the facilitators, intention, music, and structure. The facilitators use these elements and incorporate the individuality of each dancer. Dance Evolution facilitators are dedicated to providing an inclusive, safe, and sacred environment for all.

Our Community

We are people who appreciate growing through free movements and genuine self expression. Our community is comprised of artists, students, professionals, and others who enjoy our events. Some participants are seasoned dancers, but many of our attendees are completely new to dance. We have children and seniors at our events, and anyone with a desire to have a deep and meaningful experience is welcome to join us. Our dancers:  Children, Shakers, Movers, Quakers, Instructors, Learners, Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Exes, Burners, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Yogis, Metaphysicians, Quantum Physicists, Microbiologists, Professional Psychologists, Laborers, Aerospace Engineers, Dance Taoists, Love Activists, Healers, Queens, Highest Good Intenders, Artists, African Drummers, Bikers, Sculptors, Students, Skaters, Professors, Ballerinas, Belly Dancers, Nia Dancers, Bare Feet Ballroom Dancers, Post Modern and Webster Hall Dancers, Contact and Contemporary Improve Dancers, Tap and Rhythm Dancers, African/Funk/Hip Hop dance aficionados, Sacred and Prayer Dancers, Firewalkers, New Warriors, Goddesses of Go-go, Women With-in, Priests, Priestesses, Respected Elders, Authentic Relaters, Rabbis, Rainbows, Reiki Practitioners, Gardeners, Oneness Givers, Singers, Songwriters, Actors, Native American Shaman, Social Workers, Hypnotherapists, Holtropic Breathing Workers, Holistic Health Healers, Hipsters, Counselors, Commuters, Coopers, Computer Analysts, Conscious Ravers, Jungian Analysts, Source Painters, Dream Dancers, Videographers, Sales Managers, Television Producers, Tyco Drummers, Airline Pilots, Massage Therapists Marshall Arts Students and Instructors, Organic and Raw Food Activists, Urban Farmers, Accounts, Acrobatic Yogis, Musicians, Writers, Bee Keepers, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Secretaries, Real Estate Agents, Circus and Silk Fabric Performers, World Travelers, Nursing Professionals, Geophysicists, Geologists, DJs, Graphic Designers, Face Painters, fire Spinners, Chefs, Stilt Walkers, Masters of Ceremonies, Language Translators, Attorneys, Peace Advocates, Benevolent beings, Poets, and best of all, you! We want to know you so please join us! Club Performance

Why We Love To Dance

People who dance have personal reasons that draw them to join and participate. Some dancers aspire to release their inhibitions in a spiritual and healthy way, some aim to reduce tension and stress in the mind and body, some move to express themselves without experiencing judgment or criticism, some dance for physical healing and to gain insight for overcoming life challenges, some dance to open their hearts and minds to love, some want to connect with other people in a safe place, some dance to learn about body language, some dance to achieve trance inducing states or to break through the matrix, some move to free themselves of restrictions and awaken the child within, some dance for celebration and the return of joy, some dance to experience meditative states and reach genuine parts of themselves, and some dance for the simple pleasure of exercising with positive, creative, and welcoming people. Our dance events are designed to unite attendees and create a feeling of sacredness and connectedness in a contemporary setting. We want dancing with us to feel like a global, tribal, and conscious experience. We want all of our dancers to open their minds to healing themselves, recognizing the best in the people around them, and contributing their individuality to the dance group. The component of sacred intentional space unifies our participants, and this is how such a diverse group of seekers find commonality and move toward greater inclusiveness and acceptance. Dancers have permission to experiment and practice exploring through creative physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional exercises. We notice a wonderful interaction between free dance movement and spiritual and emotional freedom, and dancers exhibit an abundance of self acceptance, love, and appreciation for their shared journey with humanity.

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